Commercial Waterproofing

Is it a wall leak or a bad window gasket? Maybe the HVAC is leaking or is it the roof leak? Don’t know…call Metro and their expert technicians will diagnose the source of the leak and fix your problem!

Customers know water can get into their buildings in a variety of ways, not just the roof! To combat the challenges of water intrusion, Metro’s expert waterproofing team begins each project with an understanding of the building’s functional envelope including the roof, below-grade building structures, elevator shafts, parking garages, and fountains. The team is skilled in leak detection, repair, and prevention.

There is no waterproofing project that is too big for our team.

There is no waterproofing project that is too big for our team.

Metro is uniquely positioned to offer both waterproofing and roofing services and often work in tandem to solve water intrusion problems for our customers. Not only can technicians find the leaks, they solve the problem at its source and stop them from creating more damage to the building and inconveniencing our clients and/or their tenants.

Though our technicians work on a variety of large scope projects for nationally recognized companies, there is no waterproofing project that is too small for our team. Whether our clients need an entire building re-glazed or a simple window repair, Metro Property has the expertise to meet their needs.

We combat the challenges of water intrusion

We combat the challenges of water intrusion

Our team is skilled in leak detection, repair, and prevention.

Our team is skilled in leak detection, repair, and prevention.

There is no waterproofing project that is too small for our team.

There is no waterproofing project that is too small for our team.

Recent Waterproofing Projects

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Additional Waterproofing Services

Preventative Waterproofing

To protect buildings against future water intrusion, Metro recommends preventative waterproofing options including re-caulking exterior windows and applying elastomeric coatings to exterior structures. Below is a list of available services the company offers.

Caulk joints encompass all the joints on a building and must be sealed properly to prevent water intrusion.

Deck coating is a waterproofing membrane used for balconies, parking garages or any overhead spaces where water/moisture can enter wall or slabs. Typical products Metro technicians use include Sonneguard or MasterSeal.

Wall coatings come in two varieties: elastomeric coatings are for masonry/block applications and silicone coatings have universal application possibilities. When applied properly, the coating forms a rubberized barrier to prevent water/moisture from seeping into walls and causing structural damages. Typical products Metro technicians use includes Thorolastic or Thorocoat.

Expansion joint replacements are necessary as buildings age, there is movement in the tilt-wall panels. This movement causes separation and breakage in the caulking. The caulking provides a barrier to prevent caulking from getting into panels then gets behind the integrity of wall or exposed re-bar or metal plates. We use silicone because it flexes more than urethane. Products used include CWS sealant and Allguard.

Tilt-wall panels are the exterior walls of a building that form a joint when put together. This joint must be sealed with caulking to prevent water intrusion. Over time, the panels crack and must be repaired with cemetatious compound. If the damage is significant, epoxy injections are used. The epoxy expands to fill the area and make the panels water tight again. Typical products Metro technicians use include Sika Sikacrete, Sika Sikadur, and Hilite.

Clear sealer is a water repellent that is applied to brick and mortar joints. Buildings with hair-line cracks/fractures, no additional repairs are needed as the clear sealer fills in these problem areas. Typical products Metro technicians use include Prim-a-pell and H2O.

Elevator pit waterproofing includes removing waste water and oil from the area, detailing the corners and applying a cement-based waterproofing coating such as Thoroseal to make below-grade surfaces water tight.

Below-grade waterproofing issues can be detrimental to the building structure. Foundation slabs need special attention and should be waterproofed immediately upon finding a crack or other damage. Typical products Metro technicians use include 260 GC Green Concrete.

Maintenance and Restorative Waterproofing

Concrete is a heavy, rough building material that is versatile to form a stone-like mass and can be found everywhere! Over time, concrete can be damaged and cracked by water, bacterial corrosion, chemical damage and structural loads. With a variety of products and specific waterproofing techniques, Metro’s Waterproofing Division can address concrete spalling, cracking, and rusting re-bar.

  • Parking structure repair and maintenance is need when water and/or moisture have damaged the deck surface resulting in spalling or rusting. This type of damage comprises the structural system of the garage. To avoid serious damage and prolong the life of waterproofing components, regular maintenance is recommended. Typical product Metro technicians use includes Vulkem.
  • Trip Hazards, Concrete Sidewalk Repairs – over time, sidewalks can settle, crack or become uneven causing serious trip hazards for tenants and building owners alike. Using leveling products and grinding tools, Metro technicians remove the trip hazard and create a safe path to walk. Typical products used by Metro technicians include A-1 Concrete Leveling.

Waterproofing Manufacturers

The company understands that a quality product is only half of the equation … employees must properly apply the product to ensure consistent, quality results. Metro Property Services partners with local suppliers to not only secure products that will meet our clients waterproofing needs, but also provide ongoing professional training. This process increases our employees’ knowledge base as well as ensures products are applied correctly and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.