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Commercial Waterproofers Jacksonville

Waterproofing Services available for Property Managers & Building Owners

Waterproofing is used to describe a variety of products and services available to property managers and building owners to seal up openings in the building envelope of commercial buildings. Metro Property offers commercial waterproofing services that protect your building and prevent water intrusion by leaks, cracks, or failed systems for windows, walls, decks, elevators pits, […]

Building Envelope Specialist Jacksonville

What is a Building Envelope System?

The building envelope refers to the outer shell or “skin” of a building. The physical components that make up the envelope include the foundation, roof, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, and related barriers and insulation. These components work together to prevent air, noise, light, and water from negatively affecting the building climate thereby maintaining a safe, […]

Commercial Waterproofing Jacksonville

Commercial Waterproofers Company Repairs Stucco

The shopping plaza at Beach Boulevard had numerous areas of stucco damage. Metro was contracted by the property management company to make extensive repairs to holes, cracks, and water damaged walls and ceilings at the shopping plaza. Our commercial waterproofers spent several weeks making the repairs. Below are before and after photos of the work […]

Commercial Roofers GAF

GAF’s Commercial Roof Advisor Tool

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer not only has a great article detailing commercial roof options but also provides an online Roof Advisor Tool to help property managers and building owners identify the solutions to their commercial roofing needs. Property Managers that would prefer an onsite consultation can reach out to Metro via phone at […]

Commercial Roofers Jacksonville

Pest-Proof your Commercial Property

As every property manager and building owner knows, you have to keep your building in tip-top shape by having regular maintenance items completed such as sealing up leaks, but your building has more enemies than just the weather. Pests, bugs, and critters can make their way into your building and cause damage, nuisance your tenants, […]

Commercial Waterproofers Jacksonville

Waterproofers Repaired Window Headers

The Groover-Stewart Building, located at 25 North Market Street is home to Novel Co-Working. This location offers business owners private offices for rent along with a list of amenities any entrepreneur would appreciate. This historic building near the heart of downtown Jacksonville had window headers that were leaking on both the second and third floors. […]

Building Envelope Specialist Jacksonville

Building a Perfect Real Estate Portfolio?

Check out Fundrise, a platform with many helpful articles and links on both commercial and residential real estate topics. Do you know the difference between the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return on Investment (ROI)? If not, click here! Is there an Opportunity Zone in your area? Understand portfolio diversification? How building owners can […]

Commercial Waterproofers Jacksonville

Master Rappellers Install Vents for New Luxury Apartments

Metro was recently hired to provide a rappelling team to install vent covers for a new luxury apartment complex project in Jacksonville, Florida. After setting up their safety gear and equipment, our Master Rappellers went to work to install AC and dryer vent covers in 30 locations on the newly constructed property. These covers not […]

Commercial Roofing Contractors Jacksonville

Understanding Commercial Roof System Options

There are many commercial roofing system options for property managers and building owners to select from. The most common types are Single-Ply TPO, EPDM, and PVC, modified, and built up. Liquid Applied, Spray Foam and Metal roofs round out the selection. TPO roof systems have become more common and account for more than 75% of […]

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