Major Commercial Waterproofing Project Recently Completed

With a convenient location, unique building design and more than 124,000 square feet, Enterprise Park is an iconic office park building in Jacksonville, Florida.

Original construction finished in 1986 and by 2016 the commercial building was overdue for waterproofing repairs. The gaskets in the window system, the caulking around the metal window perimeters, and the control joints were failing at multiple points.  The 4-story structure was experiencing water intrusion on each floor and on all sides of the building. 

As a qualified building envelope specialist, Metro Property Services was contracted to glaze and re-caulk the windows and make significant concrete repairs to the structure. 

The building’s unique design allowed much of the work to be accessed by technicians working off the 3-foot ledge, which is located along the perimeter of each floor.  After accessing the ledge via a high reach, the technicians were tied off securely from locations on the roof.  This project was started several weeks before hurricane Matthew and still finished on time with no complications from tenants and no safety issues.