Water Intrusion Remedied for Local Building Management Company in Jacksonville

The Blackstone Building is a 156,000 square foot 11-story high rise condominium comprised of commercial units and common areas with enclosed parking. It is located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.

With an abundance of leaks from the all glass building window system, the owners of the commercial building contacted Metro Property Services to remedy their water intrusion problems.

Metro Property Services, Northeast Florida’s building envelope specialist, quickly went to work installing a swing stage system on the 11-story building to begin waterproofing the exterior of the building.  Following a systematic process, all windows were glazed and all metal to metal joints were re-caulked. 

Some locations on the 156,000 square foot building had to be accessed by our Master Rappellers because of the close proximity to an adjacent structure. 

The commercial waterproofing project was completed on time with no safety issues and no complaints of noise or inconvenience to the tenants.